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If you remember cracking open a Tamagotchi, drinking Surge, or watching Rugrats on the same CRT TV you used to play your SNES games…

You’ve come to the right place.

Rediscover 90s Toys is a collective of 90s kids who grew up completely immersed in all of the best features and events of the decade, and collected more than a few souvenirs along the way. Where some people have pictures and trophies, our shelves are lined with the Power Rangers, Transformers, and Game Boys that were the highlight of our childhood.

We realize that was a long time ago. We’re adults now, and we’ve put away our Furbies and Beanie Babies… but we never forgot about them. The products and media that we grew up with might be defunct, discontinued, or dormant, but all of it made us who we are today and also defined one hell of a decade. 

A decade that we’re trying to preserve as much as we can.

As chroniclers of the 90s, our mission at Rediscover 90s Toys is to create a corner of the internet (another thing that went mainstream in the 90s!) where fellow appreciators of the decade can meet and enjoy honest, always well-researched articles and content through this blog as well as our various social media channels – with even more new and exciting things planned for the future.

Our human-created content dives deep into the toys and games of the 90s, their associated lore, and even their modern incarnations and resurgences. We tell you the stories you remember, while also providing more context you wouldn’t have had as a kid. 

Oh, and we don’t use AI here. We don’t believe that it can accurately capture the essence or the importance of the times we lived in, or the things that we personally experienced. 

(Also, we saw Terminator 2 at a young age and haven’t been able to let it go since. You can’t fool us, Skynet!)

We’re sentimental, yes, but just like Arthur or The Magic School Bus, education masked as entertainment is at the heart of everything we do. The content we create is designed to capture the essence of the things we love, and serve as a chronicle for current and future generations in hopes that their imaginations will be sparked just like ours were. 

That mist in your eye and scratch in your throat as you reminisce on these things from the past aren’t allergies. That’s nostalgia – a powerful human emotion that is often exploited by marketing companies trying to sell you inferior versions of things you loved in your early days. 

We don’t exploit your nostalgia here.

We want you to revel in it. 

So, whether you’re a 90s kid looking for a hit of nostalgia, someone from a later generation trying to find out what all the fuss is about, or just someone who enjoys everything retro…

Welcome to Rediscover 90s Toys.

Welcome home.

Rediscover 90s Toys Team

Webmaster // Collector

Lee Davey

Lee is curator of nostalgia and a long-time collector of loveable junk. An 80s baby, 90s kid, he knows he had it good when it came to Saturday morning cartoons. Spends his life trying to recapture the dopamine hit of playing Game Boy for the first time and believes Beanie Babies will make a fortuitous comeback. Obsessed with everything (and anything) retro, he is your trusted guide to a world of 90s toys, games and collectables.

Lead Editor // Writer

Mike Alexander

Mike is a video game enthusiast, a chronicler of the 90s, and a collector of many things. Born in the mid-90s, he was able to catch the wave of some of the best things the decade had to offer, like Power Rangers, Pokémon, Bagel Bites, the list goes on. Despite the amount of time that has passed, he still enjoys many of those things today! If he’s not writing or gaming, he’s probably wondering why Warriors of Virtue didn’t take off the same way Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did.

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