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Author: Alison Lord

A positively elderly member of the Long Furby community, Alison spent the 90s having the best years of her life and now teaches graphic design to the eager high schoolers of Stockport, Greater Manchester. Brought up on her cousin’s hand-me-downs of Marvel comics and the original Star Wars trilogy, she also has a large collection of strange and unusual dolls, which she will show you without any provocation at all. She has numerous children, a guinea pig called Lemmy, and a cat called Looshkin.  

ReFurbishing An Icon: Long Furby Explained

November 19, 2023

ReFurbishing An Icon: Long Furby Explained

If you thought Furbies were slightly creepy, you’re in for a rude awakening! Join this Long Furby creator as she delves into her experiences with this eccentric internet subculture putting an elongated twist on the classic 90s toy.