Most Popular 90s Barbie Dolls

Most Popular 90s Barbie Dolls

Updated February 8, 2022

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Over the years, toy powerhouse, Mattel, has designed a whole plethora of Barbies, however the 1990s produced some of the most iconic ever made. Here’s a look at the most popular 90s barbie dolls – a few of them are even worth some major cash.

No other doll in American history is more famous than Barbie. Barbie has touched so many generations; a cultural icon and a staple in the toy world for young girls and boys. Chances are you had your fair share. Throughout the 90s, Mattel released a ton of unique, fashionable, and novel Barbie dolls that rival today’s modern additions. 

From the iconic Totally Hair Barbie to the 90s Gymnast Barbie and beyond, here’s some of the most popular Barbie dolls of the 90s.

90s Totally Hair Barbie dolls

1. Totally Hair Barbie (1992)

The long hair. The multicolored dress. The bows and ribbons. Everything about this 90s Barbie doll is iconic. However, the Totally Hair Barbie wasn’t just the most popular of the decade, according to Mattel, remains the most popular Barbie ever. This doll is famous for her extra-long hair that reached her toes, and was massively successful in the early 90s and was Mattel’s longest selling toy with over 10 million units sold.

As this quintessential Barbie 90s doll was sold over a long period of time, she’s not incredibly rare, but in original packaging can sell for upwards of $150.

Totally Hair Barbie commercial

90s Bob Mackie Empress Bride Barbie dolls

2. Bob Mackie Empress Bride (1992)

Mattel has been producing Barbie bridal dolls since 1973, but one Barbie Bride 90s doll was especially sought after. The Bob Mackie Empress Bride is a collaboration with the famed costume designer, who is best known for his dressing of entertainment icons. This doll has an oversized intricate white dress with gold beading and a matching headpiece. Her blonde hair is plaited into a long, thick braid and her veil is attached to her sparkling crown.

In unopened and mint condition, this ultimate princess Bridal Barbie can be worth up to $500!

90s My Size Barbie dolls

3. My Size Barbie (1992)

Mattel introduced the life-size line in 1992, and thanks to her long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and massive size (for a doll), she was a huge hit. My Size Barbie stood at three feet (91 cm) tall, and was made to be around the same size as the child playing with them so that you could actually borrow Barbie’s clothes, accessories, and makeup.

While these life-size 90s Barbies only cost around $30 in the 90s, many My Size Barbie dolls have become pretty rare and expensive today. The 1997 My Size Rapunzel doll is one of the highest priced and can fetch up to $200.

My Size Barbie commercial

90s Disney Fun Barbie dolls

4. Disney Fun Barbies (1992)

90s Disney Fun Barbie dolls were sold between 1992 and 1997, but rather than portraying Disney characters, these dolls are dressed ready to spend the day at Disney Parks. The dolls came with Minnie and Mickey Mouse-themed accessories like the classic Disney mouse ears, balloons, and Disney-inspired outfits.

90s Disney Fun Barbie dolls are a double whammy in the collector’s world. Both Barbie and Disney are huge collectibles, so it comes as no surprise that this edition can go for a high price. There are six Disney Fun Barbie dolls in total, and if you happen to have all of them in original packaging, they can be worth around $400.

90s Fountain Mermaid Barbie dolls

5. Fountain Mermaid Barbie (1993)

This classic 90s mermaid Barbie features sparkling pink hair and a magical crown that sprays water and is accompanied by a shell-shaped water pump to control her fountain crown. Out of all Barbies from the 90s, this was the one that kids could take into the pool or bathtub, which made her an instant favorite.

Unopened vintage Mattel 1993 Fountain Mermaid Barbie dolls are selling on resale sites for around $90.

Fountain Mermaid Barbie commercial

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90s Holiday Caroler Barbie dolls

6. Holiday Caroler Barbie (1996)

Seasonal and holiday editions have been released across the toy world for years, with 90s holiday-themed Barbies becoming instant collectables for many doll fans out there. The porcelain Holiday Caroler Barbie is no exception to the rule either. A hand-painted doll wearing an intricate green ball gown complete with faux fur trim, matching hat and cape set (to keep her toasty as she’s outside “Caroling”), this Barbie even came with a caroling book featuring “Jingle Bells” lyrics.

Holiday Caroler Barbie was a limited edition release, and vintage dolls in good condition can cost up to $190.

90s Olympic Gymnast Barbie dolls

7. Olympic Gymnast Barbie (1996)

The 90s gymnast Barbie was created in honor of the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, but what’s unique about this particular Barbie are her bendable knee joints. She can do a split both ways, and her waist joint bends so she can perform tricks like cartwheels and somersaults. In addition, the toy comes with a ‘magical tumbling ring’ to help Barbie perform her Olympic routine.

These almost 30-year-old dolls are surprisingly easy and relatively cheap to find online.

Olympic Gymnast Barbie commercial

90s Bead Blast Barbie dolls

8. Bead Blast Barbie (1997)

Following the success of Totally Hair Barbie, Mattel launched Bead Blast Barbie for even more fun ways to style the doll’s hair. She came with a variety of beads that can be used by both doll and humans alike, coming complete with a pair of kiddie-tweezers to secure double-sided beads into the hair. Some beads even had letters to spell out names and phrases.

These dolls are relatively easy to find today. New in-box sets are going for as little as $25.

Bead Blast Barbie commercial

90s Jam’ N Glam Barbie dolls

9. Jam’ N Glam Barbie (2000)

While she may be on the cusp of the new millennium, 90s kids totally loved this Rockstar Barbie. Jam’ N Glam Barbie came with rockstar accessories like interchangeable hair colors, hair extensions for the doll and her owner, and a tour bus and stage (sold separately) to complete her superstar lifestyle.

Another unique feature about this 90s rockstar Barbie is that she’s one of the few dolls made with “Ever-Flex” materials. The Ever-Flex idea was to give Barbie a smooth waist while still allowing her to twist her torso. However, Ever-Flex was notoriously fragile, and the rubber skin was subject to rips and stains.

Jam’ N Gam Barbie commercial

90s Mcdonald’s Barbie dolls

10. McDonald’s Barbies (1991)

McDonald’s Barbie toys in the 90s were one of the “it” Happy Meal freebies. All of the McDonald’s Barbies were based on actual Barbie dolls, including Costume Ball Barbie, Happy Birthday Barbie, Hawaiian Fun Barbie, and Wedding Day Midge, to name a few. In addition, McDonald’s collaborated with Mattel to promote the mini Barbie toys throughout the decade. While McDonald’s offered Barbie toys in Happy Meals, there was also a Hot Wheels option for boys.

90s McDonald’s Barbie commercial

90s Skipper Barbie dolls

11. 90s Skipper Barbie Dolls (1990)

Skipper Madison Roberts was Barbie’s original little sister. Mattel introduced Skipper in 1964, and she’s been a huge part of the Barbie empire ever since. The 90s Skipper Barbie dolls were arguably some of the best – the blonde-haired freckle-faced beauty had just as much fun as her big sister. Some of the most popular Skipper Barbies include Hawaiian Fun Skipper, Glitter Beach Skipper, Tropical Splash Skipper, and Extreme Green Teen Skipper.

Skipper dolls typically aren’t worth as much as Barbie. However, vintage 1964-1966 Skipper dolls with original boxes and stands sell on resale sites for around $95.

Teen Slumber Party Skipper commercial

90s Barbie All-Stars Home Gym playset

12. Barbie All-Stars Home Gym (1990)

Workout Barbie was all about getting fit in her hot pink home gym. The Barbie All-Stars Home Gym playset came with a stationary bike, dumbbells, a radio and headset for Barbie to listen to music while she works out, weights, and a ski track. Unfortunately, the actual Workout Barbie was sold separately.

Even though the Barbie All-Stars Home Gym playset doesn’t come with any actual Barbie dolls, it can still be worth up to $140 today!

90s Glitter Hair Barbie dolls

13. Glitter Hair Barbie (1993)

Dressed in one of the most iconic 90s outfits ever, the Glitter Hair Barbie doll came packed with colorful glitter gel for styling both her hair, and her owners. This Barbie’s ultra-long blonde hair was her selling point and kids could spike, smooth, and style Barbie’s hair with the glittering pink gel to their heart’s content.

Glitter Hair Barbie didn’t just come with long blonde locks though, Mattel released three Barbie Glitter Hair dolls. One blonde, one brunette, and one fiery redhead

Glitter Hair Barbie commercial

90s Vera Wang Barbie dolls

14. Vera Wang Barbie (1998)

90s Barbies were some of the most glamorous, and this Barbie bride is no exception. Famous for her stunning wedding dresses, bridal designer Vera Wang teamed up with Mattel in 1998 to create a Barbie fit to walk down the aisle adorning a unique white dress with black bows.

This Vera Wang bridal Barbie in its original box and in great condition can go for around $150 today.

90s Kelly Playland playset

15. Kelly Playland (1998)

You know Kelly as Barbie’s sweet baby sister, but Kelly Roberts made her debut in 1995 and retired in 2010. Kelly Barbies in the 90s came with kiddie-sized adventures for the toddler-aged doll to enjoy. One of the best is the Kelly Playland playset that features an entire playground including a treehouse, slide, swing, and sandbox for Barbie’s adorable little sister to enjoy.

If you still have Kelly dolls laying around, Kelly can have a day of fun at the Playground if you grab the playset – but beware, it can cost up to $230.

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Are barbies from the 90s worth anything?

Yes! Collectible Barbie dolls are some of the most valuable 90s toys. But not all barbies from the 90s are worth a pretty penny.

One of the most expensive Barbies of all time is the ‘Pink Splendor Barbie’ from 1996. There are only around 10,000 in the world, and when she was released, the Pink Splendor Barbie was the most expensive retail Barbie ever, originally priced at $900.

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