90s Barbie Playsets: The Best of Houses, Vehicles and Addons

90s Barbie Playsets: The Best of Barbie Houses, Vehicles and Addons

Updated February 17, 2022

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The most wished-for doll of the century deserved a killer house and car to boot. We’ve uncovered the best of ’90s Barbie playsets and accessories from the coveted Barbie Dream House to that iconic Barbie camper.

Once you had your pick of dolls, Barbie playsets were what you needed to fully realise Barbie’s world. Whether it was the amazing Barbie Dreamhouse, pink convertible or life-size jeep power wheels collaboration, the play potential was endless. Step back in time and take a look at some favorite ’90s Barbie playsets.

90s Barbie Houses

Made with cardboard and paper so that it could be folded up and carried with you,  the original, mid-century Barbie Dreamhouse hit shelves in 1962. And just as homes over the years have changed and evolved over the past four-and-a-half decades, so have these 90s Barbie houses.

Barbie Townhouse 1983

Barbie 80s-Tastic Townhouse (1983)

Though technically a product of the 80s, many 90s Barbie fans will remember playing with their older sister’s 80s-Tastic Townhouse before graduating to the Magical Mansion in the early 1990s. The Barbie Townhouse featured everything “in Vogue” and boasted a far bolder design than its 1974 counterpart. Sophisticated, colorful and decadent, the Barbie Townhouse even had a fully functional pink elevator.

Barbie Magical Mansion

Barbie Magical Mansion (1990)

Of all the 90s Barbie playsets a girl could have, the Magical Mansion was lavish and chock full of accessories and upgrades. With working electronics like a ringing telephone and doorbell, the 90s Barbie house also showcases glowing highlights like a fireplace and chandeliers.

Barbie Deluxe Dreamhouse

Barbie Deluxe Dreamhouse (1998)

Barbie upgraded her mortgage in 1998 to a pastel pink Barbie Dreamhouse that was as deluxe as the name suggests. Evolving to reflect current trends and styles typical of the late 90s, this 90s Barbie house was more muted in its exterior appearance but showcased stained glass bay windows, a balcony as well as arches and columns. Architectural ‘marvels’ worth mentioning were its fully furnished rooms and swing on the front porch.

Barbie Deluxe Dreamhouse commercial

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Most Popular 90s Barbie Vehicles

90s Barbie playsets didn’t stop short at fully-kitted out 90s Barbie houses, oh no. The franchise expanded – or should we say, exploded – in a flurry of luxury vehicles, campervans and boats. Did any of your favorites appear in the list below?

Barbie Jaguar XJS

Barbie Jaguar XJS (1994)

Wrapped in a “dazzling, glittery pink”, the Barbie convertible Jaguar XJS sparkled and shone its way into toy boxes across the nation. Its iconic hot pink “Barbie” license plate, a trunk that opened and actual Jaguar dashboard detailing made it a must-have in the world of Barbie convertibles.

Barbie Fastback Ferrari

Barbie “Fastback” Ferrari (1990)

The original white Barbie Ferrari was showcased in 1988, with the bold, Italian red edition of the Barbie convertible in “Fastback” style hot on its heels and available to buy in 1990. Another collectable for Barbie convertible fans, the collaboration was an unusual colourway for the pink-preferred doll powerhouse but the perfect upscale for Barbie to park in her 90s Barbie Dreamhouse.

Barbie 32” Pink Stretch Limousine

Barbie 32” Pink Stretch Limousine (1990)

In complete contrast to the iconic 90s Barbie camper and Barbie Jeep, lest we forget that the pretty plastic doll lived the high life on more than one occasion across the decade. Also available in white, the Barbie limo that caught all of our eyes was the Barbie Pink Stretch Limousine, complete with seats for up to seven dolls, a jacuzzi and cute sticker decals that had us all living vicariously.

Power Wheels Super Talk Barbie Beach Patrol Jeep

Power Wheels Super Talk Barbie Beach Patrol Jeep (1995)

In a hardly surprising collaboration with Fisher-Price, one of the ultimate 90s Barbie accessories had to be the ‘life-size’ Barbie jeep. The (take a deep breath) Barbie Power Wheels Super Talk Barbie Beach Patrol Jeep, to be precise. Also available on a more affordable scale as a part of a playset for Barbie and friends, proud owners of the Power Wheels Barbie Jeep were the first amongst their friends to learn how to drive – and did not stop short of flexing this coveted Christmas gift all over their cul de sac. Featuring authentic Barbie decals, seatbelts, a rechargeable phone, headlights and pink tires with white wheels, this baby could go between 2.5-5 miles per hour. 

Barbie Beach Patrol Jeep commercial

Barbie Golden Dream Motor Home

Barbie Golden Dream Motor Home (1993)

Barbie Golden Dream Motor Home “with shiny ‘gold’ accents” was the Barbie camper of our 90s dreams. Opening up to reveal a glamorous Barbie caravan full of surprises, the car could actually detach to separate from the motor home itself. Complete with fold-out walls and plenty of accessories such as bedding and kitchen staples, the stovetop even turns over to reveal a BBQ. Gold details are strewn throughout, so you were never really ‘roughing’ it in this Barbie camper. 

Barbie Golden Dream Motor Home commercial

Barbie Mini Van

Barbie Mini Van (1995)

We can only assume this one was modeled off our own 90s car that mom lovingly drove us to soccer practice in, but it was still a hit nonetheless. As 90s Barbie playsets and vehicles went, this one had the ultimate family feel, with a baby seat for Barbie’s little sister, Kelly, movable front seats, and plenty of room in the trunk for picnic essentials and a surprise foldout barbecue.

Barbie Mini Van commercial

Barbie Dream Boat Playset

Barbie Dream Boat Playset – Ultimate Seaside Adventure (1994)

Since having a Dreamhouse was clearly not dreamy enough, the Barbie Dream Boat came to life in 1994 for the ultimate seaside adventure. Complete with an on-deck pool that could be filled with water, possibly the coolest feature of this Barbie Dream Boat Playset was a working blender that could mix juice for both the Barbie crew and thirsty 90s kids.

Barbie Dream Boat commercial

Barbie Blue Jumbo Jet Airplane

Barbie Blue Jumbo Jet Airplane (1999)

In 1999, the doll upgraded from 90s Barbie houses and Barbie convertibles, campers and caravans to a fully-fledged jumbo jet. Opening right up to reveal two first-class seats and a pilot deck, the chairs slide forward to reveal a drinks area, refreshment trolley and working microphone for all of those pre-flight announcements. The real engine sounds on this 90s Barbie airplane sold this as one of the hottest 90s Barbie playsets of the time. 

Barbie Blue Jumbo Jet Airplane commercial

Most Popular 90s Barbie Addons

Barbie So Much To Do Kitchen

Barbie So Much To Do Kitchen (1995)

The 90s Barbie kitchen set has had a few upgrades since 1995, but the Barbie So Much To Do Kitchen was a firm favorite amongst 90s Barbie playsets because, well, there was “so much to do”. Complete with quintessential 90 Barbie furniture, the playset was a collectable franchise in itself, with a ‘So Much to Do’ dining room, bedroom, bathroom, post office, supermarket, and mall food court available to purchase.

Barbie Fountain Pool

Barbie Fountain Pool (1993)

No pool of your own? The 90s Barbie pool made a splash in 1993 thanks to its fully functioning plastic pool unit that Barbie could actually swim in. Complete with deck lights, actual color-changing water spraying fountain, and a waterslide, the dolls were living the Malibu dream.

Barbie Fountain Pool commercial

Barbie Crystal Hearts Horse and Carriage

Barbie Crystal Hearts Horse and Carriage (1992)

The 90s Barbie horse and carriage sets were every aspiring princess’s dream 90s Barbie playset. In particular, the Barbie Crystal Hearts Horse and Carriage stole the show with its extravagant carriage that although sold separately from the dolls, invited space for both Barbie and Ken. The playset was all glitz and glamor with the addition of a pony whose shimmering mane you could style yourself with gemstones and crystal clips.

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